Winning a voice in the workplace.

Organizing a union in your workplace is about gaining a voice in what matters to you: better wages, benefits, pensions, and working conditions. Thousands of people across the country organize each year. They usually begin by thinking about the issues that need to be improved and quietly talking to co-workers who may be interested in organizing. There are labor laws to protect any union activities and your conversations with us will remain confidential at all times.

The construction industry is unique and the issues that matter to you and your co-workers most likely exist on every site. A union organizer can privately discuss with you the issues that matter and help you put a plan together to combine effort, influence, and resolve to ensure that everyone's basic needs are addressed through this process.

Contact an organizer who can answer your questions about forming or joining a union.

Director of Organizing

Jason Crowson
(651) 224-5480 ext. 661


Shawn Theis
Western & Central Minnesota and Fargo, ND
(612) 417-0862

Tony McGarvey
Twin Cities
(651) 224-5480 ext. 673

Mike Sundin
Duluth and the Iron Range
(612) 353-7170

Jordan Fry
Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota
(651) 224-5480 ext. 670

Who does IUPAT DC82 represent?

We currently represent Painters, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Glass Workers, Sign Installers, Convention Workers, Silk Screen, Paint Makers, and Embroidery Workers.